Our Mission

"Inter" is for "International" - "Global" is just that - "Around the World". We are passionate about homes, internationally all around the world.  "Travelling" is great, but "Living" is a deeper level of experience. When you experience living in a place, you own the experience rather than observe it.  Being "Home" is a deeper, more full level of feeling than a hotel, so we combine the deeper feelings of a home with international ownership experience as a mission in life and want to experience this deep level of living, feeling and passion with you as an integral part of your life.  Go Interglobal!

Our Story

We all share similar values and beliefs expressed through different life experiences.  Our connection to each other is based in mutual respect for the differences allowing unique expressions of core values without judgement or criticism. The tapestry of life is made more colorful and beautiful when woven from different colors and textures. In all you do, make it beautiful.

Meet the Team

We have been living in many places internationally and share our passion for life wherever we go.  We invite you to share your passion with us and the world.


John & Griselda come from different countries and embraced the differences to create a richer, more full life for themselves and instilled this appreciation for differences in their children.  Embrace your culture and share it proudly with the people you come in contact with every day of your life.

Next Steps...

Where do your dreams take you? Share that dream with us - we are here to help you embrace life.